Macnificent is making it's triumphant return, with a slightly new format, focusing on a single topic, and elaborating on it as fully as possible. This week, I focus on the AirPo [...]
This week, Chris and Ian recap Apple's March 21 Event, discussing CareKit, the iPhone SE, and choosing the right iPad Pro  [...]
We give our predictions on Apple’s spring event, and share some wishful thinking on unlikely surprises. We also dive into voice commands, and why it can be so frustrating.  [...]
On Episode 27, we discuss some cool new changes coming to iOS 9.3 and break down some potential issues with the App Stores. Ian also dives into what you get in a $50 tablet. The [...]
This week, Chris and Glenn are back in the hot seats, as we discuss the Apple TV, Streaming TV, Star Wars, Nintendo, and everyone's favorite fall holiday - Halloween! The Topics [...]
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