This week, we 3D touch on the new iPhones, and discuss the success of the new device, look at how we backup and restore from our old phones, discuss our stance on Apple Music as it takes it’s first dip into our wallets, and are content blockers just corrupt politicians?

All The Links

Content Blocker “Crystal” will whitelist some ads… for a price?

Backing up your iPhone to your Mac

Zane Lowe on Beats 1

Is Wi-Fi Assist Eating Your Data Donut?

Facebook Hoax

Simple Mac Exploit Bypasses OS X Gatekeeper Security

Something of the Week:

Ian: Purify Content Blocker for iOS - $0.99

Glenn: AG Drive for iOS - $3.99

Chris: Echo PowerConnect 4000mAh portable charger. Around$44

  • Chris Hauk

    And I realized after the podcast that I got “Bringing up Baby” confused with another classic, “The Egg and I” which was the movie that introduced Ma & Pa Kettle to the world. And of course the Egg and I was Fred McMurray, not Cary Grant. So I was obviously drunk.

    • Ian Fuchs

      Close enough