Quick apologies for the quality of the audio. Due to some unexpected recording issues, Ian's mic sounds like crap... we promise to do better next week.

In episode 15, we cover Twitter's updates to direct messaging, big changes at Google (including the death of Google+, Hangouts getting a dedicated web presence, and Google's new parent company), the latest in Apple rumors, and some thoughts on Apple's automotive project.

We also discuss Force Touch and how it might work on iOS devices, dig into what age is appropriate to give kids technology, and how our first technology experienced shaped our relationship with the technology of today.

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All the important links:

Twitter lifts 140 Character DM limit

Google Hangouts goes solo


YouTube frees itself from Google+

New Apple TV Rumors via BuzzFeed and 9to5Mac

Alleged iPhone 6S/6S Plus Force Touch Diplays

iOS Force Touch Function Speculations

Apple's Automotive Endeavors

Kids and Technology

Something of the week:

Atomick Headphones by iDeaUSA

Red Bull Yellow

Square Cash for iOS

MemoriesCable on Indiegogo

Showgoers - Watch Netflix With Friends

Bacon Goulash Recipe (courtesy of Mrs. Hauk )
  • Slice bacon into bite size pieces and fry.
  • Cook approx 1 pound of pasta (usually a little bit less).
  • Add thin sliced onions to bacon once it's almost done.
  • Cook until onions are done. Once pasta is done, drain and put back in the pot.
  • Put bacon/onions into pasta with a little grease and mix.
  • Large can of whole tomatoes - crush them by hand and then mix into pasta mix.
  • Add one can (14oz) tomato sauce.
  • Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil and oregano.
  • Cook for about 10 minutes after it starts bubbling. DONE!