We're back at it for Episode 14, and discussing many things. We get the details of Apple Watch sales at Best Buy and possible other retailers, and discuss how US mobile carriers are restructuring plans and contracts to get more out from your wallet.

Chris tells us about going back to the 70s, and we discuss how some popular services, like "Beats One" and cord cutting are throwing back to a less technology filled era. We touch on more cord cutting tips and tricks to get the most of a comcast-free life.

Glenn breaks down how the tech industry's obsession with rumor reporting can damage the industry reputation, and how consumers should be wary of rumors.

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All the important links:

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Wired: Cutting the Cord

The Cord Cutter Experience

Myths about Cord Cutting

Diary of a Cord Cutter

How to Cut the Cord & Ditch Cable

PC Magazine's Ultimate Cord Cutters Guide

Sling TV

Something of the week:

Hollywood Game Night for iOS, $0.99

Pronto Smart Remote, $49.99 at Best Buy - More info: getpronto.com

Glenn: Angry Birds 2